Nearly 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are not physically active at levels that lead to health benefits.

We need to understand why.
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Background summary of project:

Women diagnosed with breast cancer who are more active and less sedentary have fewer health complaints, can function well, have better quality of life, and live longer with less chances of recurrence. However, nearly 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are not physically active and are much too sedentary.  We need to understand why.

With funding support from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, we are engaging in a number of research studies to help understand the following questions:

  1. What are the available resources for physical activity for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer?
  2. What role to hospitals and health clinics play in advocating and supporting physical activity?
  3. What do women with breast cancer need to become more active and less sedentary?
  4. How can we develop large-scale opportunities for physical activity?

With a variety of steps involved in collecting data to answer these questions, we aim to offer resources, information, and tools to help more women be more active. For example, we hope to develop a resource of qualified exercise specialists who can help women with their exercise habits and routines locally, in their communities. We will be focused on building a library of research articles that may be of interest to women and offering these resources centrally on this website. We will be offering videos with exercises, and an online support system for exercise. These research strategies represent a critical piece to advocating improved health and longevity for the 67 women diagnosed with breast cancer every day in Canada… one step at a time.

We are currently collecting information on unmet needs related to physical activity in Canadian breast cancer survivors. 

As a breast cancer survivor, we would like to offer you the opportunity to complete a short, online questionnaire. We want to gain better insight on your unmet physical activity needs. For example, do you feel you need more opportunities to be active? Are you missing an exercise partner? Do you want more subsidized programs?

If you are interested in participating, the research study will involve a brief (10 to 15 minute) online questionnaire that can be completed at your convenience. If you decide to be part of the research study, we ask that you click the link below to complete the consent form.

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